Painful as it may be sometimes, I recommend going through life without the epidural.--John Mayer



I’ve been attending Southeast Christian Church since I’ve moved. Yeah, yeah, “6 Flags over Jesus”. Haha. Very funny. What I love so much about it is that it’s always fresh, always powerful, always moving. I love the music, sermons, and overall atmosphere. The week of April 25, the sermon was about “Joy When There’s No Reason”. I was absolutely beautiful and totally meant for me. Sometimes, I find myself faking joy because I feel like there is nothing to be joyful about. This sermon, changed my mind. There is ALWAYS something to be joyful about. Have a job in this economy? Be joyful. Have a loving family? Be joyful. Did you wake up this morning? Be joyful. The most poignant thing in the whole sermon was about how just when you think you can’t find the joy, you have nothing left, ask God for his joy. He’ll share it with you. (So right!) It was perfectly timed for my life and has given me a new attitude. I’m learning that I should live my life according to Phil 4:4-9. Such a beautiful and powerful truth from Paul. In addition, to keeping physically healthy, these words give me strength and encouragement keep spiritually and mentally healthy. No toxins allowed!